Sono Coffee Branding



Sono Coffee came to me to brand their new coffee business. Sono means “I am” in Italian and the name was chosen to remind their customers that coffee is such an important part of all of our “I am” moments. My client explained the story behind the coffee this way, “…it’s all about really good coffee that is a part of so many of our communal events. When you were here in CO visiting, we went for coffee together. I’ve never, ever, had a writing or recording session that didn’t involve (usually a lot of) coffee. And I can’t sit down for any meaningful quiet time, either with God or my own thoughts, without a cup of coffee.”

After research and much creative thought and exploration and how to represent their story, I came up with branding that uses quotation marks and drops to represent coffee and conversation. This logo visually represents that story of coffee being a necessary component of conversation whether it be personal, professional, or spiritual.

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